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ModaLisboa – Wonder Room

DARKSIDE eyewear marca presença pela primeira vez na ModaLisboa. De 7 a 9 de outubro, na Praça do Município, Wonder Room será a pop up store de excelência da ModaLisboa Together. O Darkside assume muitas formas e cores, por isso nesta coleção ampliamos o espectro. Temos verde, laranja, azul e até rosa. Apresentaremos toda a …

Filipa from GALULA Studio

Filipa is designer and co-owner of Galula, an award winning studio from Porto that gives a fun and happy feel to the everyday objects. Combining the best of functionality and looks, the Made in Portugal furniture brand has raised some smiles with its good-humoured, relaxed products. Around for three years now, the studio has set …

Watch the video of how sunglasses are made

DARKSIDE Eyewear is an independent brand, focused on high quality and luxury eyewear. No big shiny logos or crazy too-trendy designs here – just timeless shapes courtesy of skilled artisans in Portugal. More than a fashion accessory, our sunglasses are unique pieces that give elegance and versatility to your everyday. Enjoy the video!    

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Mafalda Nunes from NEVER STOP DREAMING with our OPHELIA

Mafalda Nunes created the blog Never Stop Dreaming in 2010, where she shares all her passions and inspirations. She has great style and by the time she was four she already dressed herself. She’s a very creative girl, a full time Dreamer and always attentive to the smallest detail. She was born on the beginning of the 90’s and graduated in Communication Design at ESAD. …

The portuguese boutique

Thank you Cátia for featuring us at The Portuguese Boutique. Read all here.

We’re on UMBIGO magazine closet

Thanks Umbigo for featuring CORVUS Black on your closet!

ORION sunglasses

Darkside: uma marca portuguesa, com certeza!

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